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The experience and resume you want when hiring 

A Video Consultant

You want someone who can work with Top Performers? We have worked with quite a few – Shaq, Seinfeld, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Whitney Houston,  Ridley Scott, Van Halen, Eurythmics, David Fincher, Jeronimo Cabrel, Arne Giske, Cameron Gallagher, Acura, Guiness, Jeff Gordon, the list continues…

What does that mean for you? 

It means we work with Experts and Business Leaders 

People at the top expect a different level of perfection, a certain excellence if you will. These are people who won’t settle and neither do we. These people are refining and perfecting their business, their brand and their knowledge. If you have the right drive, you too can be one of the 1% we work with. Schedule a call today and let’s talk about your next steps.

A Few of the Brands we have worked with 

Video Consulting

With 40,000 hours on the set in Hollywood, 50+ Super Bowl commercials and an Emmy nomination, Rick is uniquely qualified to help your business when it comes to video. 

Did we mention the 100’s of local and small businesses he has helped over the years with their digital marketing and video? 

Live Action Video

Video can be so many things. One of the most compelling  aspects is to see other humans on camera. (Think movies or TV)  This builds trust, authority and connection quicker than any other form of media. 

Quality camera work is expected. We give you camera confidence, the right message and visuals to make an impact.

Animated Video

By now you have seen explainer videos or other types of animations. We do a lot of those because they work. They are less complicated to create for our clients. 

Videos with text get attention and can be easily viewed with the sound off like 85% of videos that are viewed online.

Content Marketing

con·tent mar·ket·ing
1-A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) to stimulate interest in its products or services.
2-Promoting a specific brand, company or person by using specific content to answer the questions in the viewers mind
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It’s really simple – The right message to the right person at the right time. 

Creating a message that your viewers will understand and resonate with is one of our core strengths. 
Sharing your message or product needs to be positioned better than your competition so that all eyeballs are on you.

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Online Marketing

Where to begin? We have taught online marketing in workshops, to fortune 500 companies, at university and one on one. 

It’s a big complicated world out there but you only need to know what will work for you. We can help you cut through the clutter and laser focus your efforts to get a positive ROI

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Think Like a Camera

When filming a video you have to think about what the camera sees not what you think is normal. The camera lens hides nothing that is in the frame. That goes for buildings, furniture, reflections and even emotions. 

Most people are not trained to be on camera and the rules are different than giving a presentation, speaking to a live audience or even talking to someone in person one on one. Understanding this difference can set your videos apart from the competition. 

Think Like a Storyteller

Are you a storyteller or do you tell stories? What is the difference?Someone who simply tells stories is giving you the facts of a situation.It can be extremely interesting if that “story” relates to you or your business. 

But a Storyteller is someone who can capture your attention even if it is not a topic that you already know about or have never heard before. The great film directors were not relaying the writers words on the screen but incorporating all of the visuals and nuance of the actor into the story to keep you interested. Let’s get your business story told.


Every Video Needs a Purpose

A purpose you ask?

Yes – You need to know why you are doing the video. Is it to get someone to buy something? (think TV commercials) Is it to be  a story to watch on Netflix? Is it to get hired to speak on a stage to share yourknowledge? 

Often this can be called messaging but it is more than that. Is there a CTA, an emotion or just information? There is no right or wrong here just knowing the purpose will yield better results. 

What a Few of our past Clients say about Us 

I've had the opportunity to work with Rick on numerous projects through the years, ranging from creative direction to video production to app development. Rick is one of the most creative and enthusiastic people I've ever worked with. He always has innovative solutions to production challenges, and does a great job from concept through completion. In addition, I have referred him to my clients to produce and direct videos. Rick has my strongest recommendation.
I love working with Rick. He helps me feel so at ease being in front of the camera. Not only is he really amazing at what he does, he brings humor and fun to the experience of being on camera. I'm always impressed at how much he knows, how much he is willing to share, and how he goes above and beyond to provide great customer service. It doesn't matter if you are a first timer or a veteran at being on video, Rick has something to offer you to make you more confident on camera
When all is said and done; there is little which provides more value than years of experience in an industry when it is linked to a person who is engaged and enthusiastic about the work they do. This is a description of Rick. A professional who blends years of hard-earned experience with the excitement of the rare professional who really loves their job! Rick is a can do guy and makes no excuses Rick is a good choice as a Vendor, A Colleague and Friend!
Rick Toone offers a wealth of experience and skill served up in his unique style of humor, warmth and fun. He generously shares his knowledge and talent in an unusually effusive, expansive and life-affirming style. The Chamber of Commerce and community have benefited from his willingness to share his skill, wisdom and special sensibilities. He was also on our Bucks Fever Film Festival Committee for 6 years and served as co-chair for one of those. It was great to have a piece of “Hollywood “ at our event. Additionally, he produced and directed an inspiring short film for an artist who was receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chamber.
There used to be an old ad line "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV." Well, I am a chiropractor and not an actor, but through Rick's magic, he made even me look presentable on video! Working with Rick made the process of filming a video so easy, even though I was a complete nervous wreck. He continually revamped the script, getting it so that I sounded normal, like I was talking with a friend. While we were filming he was so patient and supportive, after many flubs on my part, he made the experience very pleasant. I’d recommend Rick to anyone looking to up their marketing game.
Rick has documented interviews and my participation in a few powerful marketing and promotional events - where his skill and experience in directing, filming, and planning have produced outstanding videos. His hollywood experience, national advertising successes, and easy-to-work-with personality make any video shoot with him an outstanding event in itself.
"We had been producing our own videos in-house for some time. But, when we needed to produce a video that we knew had to make a splash, that’s when we turned to Rick. From the storyboard to the technical aspects of the video shoot to working with the on-camera talent, Rick brought a professionalism to our production that really put the video that we created over the top! And, in the process we learned some valuable lessons that we’ll be using for our future video projects. We recommend Rick and his years of experience for whatever video project you have in mind!".

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Location is everything

Yes I live in a seaside town on the Caribbean Sea. That means my stress level is down. As long as I have internet I can talk to you, edit videos and strategize on the best way to help you.  When I need to, I can jump on a plane and come to you for any in-person needs. Location matters to those of us who live where we want in this digital world and still get to work with Amazing Clients.