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Director | Visual Storyteller | Creative Strategist
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Director | Visual Storyteller | Creative Strategist

Emmy-nominated, 50 Super Bowl commercials, and stories for days. After twenty years in LA and ten years working with small business and personality brands, I’ve done everything from drop a Mercedes 3 stories and have it drive off to making it rain in the desert to perfecting the pizza cheese pull.

Being a Director

Over the years I’ve had amazing experiences like the time I left LA on a plane going East and returned 36 days later from the West for a national commercial campaign. I’ve shot in surprising places like underwater in the Bahamas, Istanbul and the salt flats of Death Valley. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hollywood’s elite, both on camera and behind the scenes. I have been blessed with so many rich memories – and I’m always looking to add more adventure to my repertoire.

I’m a people person. I can talk to anyone and love hearing their stories. Directing lets me combine my social skills with my knowledge of how to craft an interesting story that viewers will enjoy, while keeping in mind  filming conventions, gear, crew, schedules and  budget.

Creative problem solving is the first rule of film-making.  I believe NO is not an option.  From stunt driving to puppeteering to integrating iPhone video into a TV show via an app, my roles have encompassed every aspect of film and video.  I’ve been a scriptwriter, director, creative strategist, prop master and art director. Visual storytelling is at the heart of any shoot.

As a director, I know how to coax a performance out of even the most camera shy and always have a shot list in my head so we can best capture the story.

Work with me.

When I’m on a project, it is 110% commitment to creating the best video for it’s intended purpose. You don’t last in Hollywood on the A-List if you don’t show up every day and make it happen above and beyond what is expected.

With over 40,000 hours on the set, I’ve seen a lot.  I have been a creator my whole life going back to middle school days in technical theatre. I enjoy meeting new people, hanging out in fun and exotic places and collaborating with the most talented people I can find.

Rick Toone

Core Specialties Include

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Shoot for the Edit
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Team Leadership
  • Video Marketing

A Few Highlights

  • Emmy Nominated (Production Design)
  • Over 50 Super Bowl commercials
  • Lighting Designer for Whitney Houston
  • Oxygen Network LA (hire #5)
  • Biggest commercial 4mil for 60 sec (Coke)
  • Shot in 12 countries
  • Created look for an interactive TV show mixed with an app
  • Scuba Diver (assistant instructor)
  • Co-Founder – personal visual notification platform ( 2 patents granted)

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A small sample of my work over the years.

Act in Emmy Submission

10Tales Interactive Emmy Submission

This was a submission for an interactive Emmy. I directed 5 of the shows in the app and for this video I was creative director as well as editor. Sadly we didn’t win the Emmy but we were nominated.

Monument Bank Commercial

For a local film festival the major sponsor is a bank. I had the idea that instead of the usual boring bank commercial we should show some uniqueness. The people on the committee thought I was crazy, however the bank president loved the idea. This is what we came up with. I might add that for the last few years they have followed the humor track.

Velocity Studios

I directed and did the creative outline for this spot for a local video studio. I consulted with Velocity Studios to put in a small studio with a greenscreen to be used by local businesses.  After the studio had been in operation for a few months we created a commercial for them to get the word out in the local community.

Daniel Anthonisen

Here’s a profile of the artist/painter Daniel Anthonisen created for his lifetime achievement award for the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. We worked together to create something more unique than just a “portrait of an artist” talking head video shot in the studio. We wanted to show some depth to his life since he was being awarded a lifetime achievement award.

Kathy Marcino

Using herself as a double to understand conflict was a creative choice to create something more than a talking head. Typically coaches in a genre like this are not very exciting. Kathy has so much personality we wanted to show  that side of her instead of a stuffy business person.

Fabby Shabby

Let the carnival begin. Robin has some crazy ideas and I as the director go along with her. This is a fun, engaging, interactive children’s store in a small town with big creativity. Robins passion for children and creativity is unparalleled. Lots of rehearsals and cordination went into the shoot.

Web Eye Care

A Philly 100 finalist! We wanted to inject some humor into an otherwise boring Dr. visit. This was scripted on the spot with the help of her husband, business partner and patient. Sometimes what you have planned is thrown out the door to create something more interesting.

SMI Consortium

Worked with the agency to re work the script, keeping messaging on point. Also Directed, produced the shoot and provided creative direction for the entire video. Oversaw the editing

Christine Marston

I convinced Christine to add some personal touches to her about me video for her web site so that potential clients would feel a personal connection when looking at her site. The about me page is usually the most looked at page for a small business or individual.


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Kind Words from a Few Friends and Clients…

I’m a people person; my clients tend to become my friends.

As someone who has pioneered digital media technology for decades and developed many products I knew Rick would be a good choice to work with on my most recent initiative. I was creating an advanced storytelling software where social and dynamic mobile video can become inserted inside of a professionally produced story. Rick produced and directed 5 shows. I can say his dedication and tech background really stood out and made the process of advancing storytelling so much easier. He is a team player and truly understands the tech as well as how to tell a great story. His insights on many levels was invaluable to our project. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs a thought leader with personality. You can rest assured he will be committed to your project.

David Russek

Founder and CEO at 10Tales

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Rick on numerous projects through the years, ranging from creative direction to video production to app development. Rick is one of the most creative and enthusiastic people I’ve ever worked with. He always has innovative solutions to production challenges, and does a great job from concept through completion. In addition working with Rick on projects, I have also referred him to my clients to produce and direct videos. Rick has my strongest recommendation.

Chuck Hall, MSOD

Communication, Leadership & Innovation| Coach | Consultant | Marketer | Atlanta & Philadelphia

We had been producing our own videos in-house for some time. But, when we needed to produce a video that we knew had to make a splash, that’s when we turned to Rick. From the storyboard to the technical aspects of the video shoot to working with the on-camera talent, Rick brought a professionalism to our production that really put the video that we created over the top! And, in the process we learned some valuable lessons that we’ll be using for our future video projects. We recommend Rick and his years of experience for whatever video project you have in mind!

Dan Kelly

Director of Video Content Production, Comfort Media Group

When all is said and done; there is little which provides more value than years of experience in an industry when it is linked to a person who is engaged and enthusiastic about the work they do. This is a description of Rick. A professional who blends years of hard-earned experience with the excitement of the rare professional who really loves their job!

Bruce L. Pearson

Senior Audio Video Engineer, Guardian LIC, for Altantic Partners

  • Rick Toone offers a wealth of experience and skill served up in his unique style of humor, warmth and fun. He generously shares his knowledge and talent in an unusually effusive, expansive and life-affirming style. The Chamber of Commerce and community have benefited from his willingness to share his skill, wisdom and special sensibilities.
  • He was also on our Bucks Fever Film Festival Committee for 6 years and served as co-chair for one of those. It was great to have a piece of “Hollywood “ at our event. Additionally, he produced and directed an inspiring short film for an artist who was receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chamber.
Amanda Soler

Chief Operating Officer/Editor at CBCC

In Rick’s world, “no” is never an option. It’s incredibly liberating to work with someone who always thinks “how” rather than “no way”. We’ve partnered on a variety of small business marketing seminars and it’s always fun for both us and the participants! Thanks Rick!

Jennifer Phillips April

Email Marketing for the Pet and Wellness Industries

There used to be an old ad line “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.” Well, I am a chiropractor and not an actor, but through Rick’s magic, he made even me look presentable on video! Working with Rick made the process of filming a video so easy, even though I was a complete nervous wreck. He continually revamped the script, getting it so that I sounded normal, like I was talking with a friend. While we were filming he was so patient and supportive, after many flubs on my part, he made the experience very pleasant. I’d recommend Rick to anyone looking to up their marketing game.

Jeff McQuaite, D.C.

Doylestown Chiropractor

Rick was so patient with me. I run a bed and breakfast, I’m not an actor. He spent a lot of time working with me to be comfortable on camera and never made me feel like I should get it right on the 1st take. While rehearsing we re-wrote parts of the script on the spot to better fit my speaking cadence using the teleprompter all while making me feel comfortable and not rushed. I’m thrilled with the final result of the video. If you want to up your game give Rick a call

Lisa Menz

Owner Fox and Hound Bed & Breakfast of New Hope-Most Romantic Escape in Bucks County

I hired Rick to get Clarity on my video production. Rick has an uncanny ability to simplify and pull out magic in a short period of time and to find ways of communicating concepts, stories and ideas far more powerfully. He deeply understands how to be relevant to an audience and has a depth of knowledge built on years and years of experience. I really enjoyed working with him, and the result has been that my communication on video is far simpler, and I understand my own unique gifts on video which has led to increased confidence in communication. I highly recommend working with Rick.

Cameron Gallagher

♛ Advisor To Kings ♛ I Support Elite CEO's To Grow Their Companies Through Peak Performance♛

Rick has documented interviews and my participation in a few powerful marketing and promotional events – where his skill and experience in directing, filming, and planning have produced outstanding videos. His hollywood experience, national advertising successes, and easy-to-work-with personality make any video shoot with him an outstanding event in itself.

Richard Rossbauer

RichardPresents.com and Founder at the ICA Network

I love working with Rick. He helps me feel so at ease being in front of the camera. Not only is he really amazing at what he does, he brings humor and fun to the experience of being on camera. I’m always impressed at how much he knows, how much he is willing to share, and how he goes above and beyond to provide great customer service. If you are a first timer or a veteran at being on video, Rick has something to offer you.

Susie Beiler

Owner, Spectrum Health Consulting, Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher, Guide, Mentor www.SusieBeiler.com

  • Rick Toone is the best Creative Director for Still Motion Media. (A new media company who produces MobiStories, virtual books for children).
  • Working with Rick was not work, because he is fun, enthusiast, positive, great with kids, with a solution solver attitude – he does make any job easier to accomplish.
  • You can count on Rick, no job is impossible.
Frederic Leleu

International Sales Manager

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