Here is a short Course I did for a 5 Day Challenge

Welcome video for 5 day Challenge

Basic intro to what are some videos you need and how to think when recording your videos. 


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Think like a Storyteller

We have all heard that stories are more engaging than bragging, begging, or reciting facts.

Let your video tell a story. In it’s simplest form a 15 sec. McDonalds commercial has a story and a story we can relate to.

Her kid is screaming “I’m hungry” in the back seat – Mom see golden arches – Mom hands kid bag of food – Kid is smiling.

A simple story but one we all understand. What is your story?

Forget about the Gear

Many people think gear is what makes a video better.

Let me ask you – Does the brand of the oven make the cake better?

Of course not, it’s the ingredients and the knowledge of the chef.

Video is similar in that knowing how to put all the pieces together makes a great video. 

And while gear like the oven play a role in good video it is not the main thing to concentrate on.

Videos need a Purpose

Purpose and planning! In Hollywood, there are so many lists and schedules it’s crazy.

Movies have a script, actors, crew, pre-production schedule, shooting schedule, post-production schedule, and release date.

These are just a few of the things that matter in a successful production. Each scene has a purpose within the film to move the story along. Imagine if the director said to the actors in a dinner table scene – Talk about whatever you like. Now imagine each scene doing the same. 

Your business videos need the same care and attention to reach your audience effectively.

Think like a Camera

What the camera sees and records is often different than what you see or pay attention to.

Be critical of all 4 corners and everything within the frame. Use camera movement for a purpose and make it smooth. The camera functions as 2 things. 1- the method of recording something 2- it is the eyes of the viewer.

You control what they see and what they don’t and how they see it. Wide angle, moving, Close up etc. While some of this is tried and true film storytelling techniques the psychology of being the viewers eyes also plays an important part  video to a great

Is being authentic overrated?

If you are online you are hearing about being an influencer.

I know several “influencers” and a few of them are flat broke. They travel the world and have a great time but often they shoot not in the hotel they are living in but in a lobby of a fancy place where they “steal the shot”.

They are imposters. Be yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t be an imposter.

You can spin the truth but don’t spin the lies and deception.

Course Wrap up

Hope you got a little something out of this.

It was created to give you a few quick useful nuggets to make your videos better.

More importantly its to get you thinking like a video producer or director.