Rick and Jen in their Happy Place - By the ocean

Who is this Rick Toone?

A wanna be beach bum still working 9-5 with High Performance Clients he Loves. 
Rick has a lifetime of experience in many areas. In no particular order: A college degree, 2 Kids, owned a Brick and Mortar children’s Gym, has 3 patents, started several LLC’s, sought VC Funding, developed Children’s  Book apps, taught digital marketing and social media,  spoken on numerous stages, worked with Solopreneurs and Fortune 100 Companies, Scuba Diver – he is even a proud College Athlete Parent. etc. etc.

He has taken his life on the road and is currently living by the Caribbean Sea with Jen and their cat. His lust for travel started as a kid, by the age of 18 he had conquered all 48 states riding in his dads motorhome.

Rick Toone Director, film, video
Contemplative or Napping?

Creative and Yet………..

I help personalities and businesses grow by telling their story’s using video marketing.

At the end of the day people remember a story and not facts. They remember how you made them feel not what you told them. They remember the personal aspect of you and what you do not what your job title is. 

Rick also brings the flip side to this in business understanding – from Goals, to ROI to net and gross sales and so much more. 

You can grow your business in various ways – In today’s world video is key to being your 24/7/365 salesperson. It answers questions, gives you authority and provides demos to your products.

Rick can help you at every step along the way.

Rearranging words to convey just the right message

Oh Boy Does He Care

Rick digs deeper than just video for your business. He want to know the deeper business decisions, the long term plan and what makes you wake up everyday to do what you do. 
Video is a great marketing and communication tool and he knows all of the ins and outs of the tools but he also knows what else is in the tool shed and when to pull  those tools out and for what purpose.

Rick has worked with Big Brands no doubt but he has also worked with the local mom and pop shops, the local United Way, a variety of start-ups as well as many individuals who want to up their game. 

More than a people person Rick understands people and what makes them tick. He sees the best in everyone and often people say his optimism is infectious.