Are you using Content to get more Clients?

Using content is the most efficient marking methods you can use. If you have trouble creating content then follow along in this video series and we will show you some easy methods that you can use to make content creation easier to grow your business. 


Are you losing clients by not creating content for the web? Content placed on your website, your social media and other web properties and platforms allow people to know – who you are, where you are, what you do and most importantly how you can help them.

That’s the question. 

Are you? 

It’s a simple yes or no, either you are or you aren’t.

 It doesn’t matter what the answer is because the key is you want to be, whether you are or aren’t.

Brochures, business cards, direct mail, pamphlets, your website, those are all forms of content. And those can all be used to grow your business. They also can be used for marketing. They can be used to share your information. All good stuff 


Content Marketing incorporates all of this content and then some. 

The reality is content is all kinds of stuff. It all needs to work together to be cohesive. You want to have the same message, the same ideas, the same thoughts, the same voice, the same information being used everywhere so your audience or readers don’t get confused by your business or offers.

Get that Content online!


Mostly, what we’re talking about here is the online world of blogs, videos and social media. 

So why should you create content? To give people information.  

Where to post your content and what needs to be in the content to get a good ROI for your content efforts is a different question.


In this case, ROI is directly related to getting new patients, getting new clients, getting new customers, whatever term you use to call the people that give you money. 


And the way to do that is for you to create good content. You need to be creating valuable content, you need to be creating consistent content. 


I’m a big proponent that more little bits of content are better than one big bit. 


Let’s take baseball as an example. If you’re playing baseball, and you go up to the plate to hit the ball, and you’re at bat four times, your chances of getting on base, are four times greater than the person that only gets one-time at-bat. Right? 


That’s such simple math. 


If you put out 10 pieces of content about something involving your business in your community, and your competition puts out one piece of content, who do you think is going to have a better chance of being found? 


Why you, of course. So using content to get new clients is a strategy that you should be employing. The reason that content works is people are online, they’re on their phones, they’re on their computers, they’re on their tablets, that’s their world, that’s where they are and that’s where you NEED to be.


Other methods of Content


People don’t use direct mail nearly as much as they used to. Business cards- are so 2010.  Millennials don’t even care about business cards. For them, they just say “ping me when you want here’s my WhatsApp number.” That’s their new business card. 


People laugh at the thought of using Yellow Pages. But you know, there’s a certain population and probably people that come to chiropractors that still use the Yellow Pages, hard to believe, but it’s true. So just because you and your friends don’t do something doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. 


So the content to get you clients needs to be good content, relevant content, content, they can use, content they are looking for, and content that’s easy to consume and digest. As well as placing content where they will see it.


Benefits of content


The benefits of content are, the more content people see from you, the more they get to know you, the more they get to like you, the more they get to trust you. Repetition and consistency are what made Coke and Nike household names. 


Videos are going to get you noticed the most. If you don’t do videos, do written words, create other content but do content people want – people need – people are looking for. That’s the key. 


Pro Tip – Most people online are looking to solve a problem  – Help them solve their problem with your content.


If you use content properly if you use all the various channels, which we’ve talked about in several other videos, you will get more clients, you will get more referrals, you stay top of mind. 


So – Are you using Content to Market your Business?


Do you think you should be using content? 


Content will get you more Clients, but you have to be patient, for the clients to come, it won’t happen overnight. 


This is a long game. Have you heard the term “the long tail”, you know, you put a piece of content out there once and it stays there, you put another piece of content out there and another and another.  It all stays there, it last forever.

So if you’re putting out, let’s just say be crazy, say one piece of content a day, that’s 30 a month, that’s 360 pieces of content a year that can be working for you for the next 5-10 years  (5=1800 & 10=3600)


And if your competition is sending one email newsletter a month, at the end of the year, who do you think will have more people getting new clients


This is the value of having more content and placing it where it matters.


So if you’re not using content to get more clients, I highly recommend that you start. It doesn’t have to be complicated. We can walk you through it, we can make it simple.


Once you start creating content and once you get used to posting content, those new clients will start coming. So start posting more content, content, that’s valuable, content that’s usable, content that people are looking for. Relevant content is more important than agonizing over the type of content, or the platform to put it on.


You want to be where people are because you don’t get new clients from an empty field. So get that content going and start getting people to know about your business, even while you are sleeping 🙂


Use Content to get some new clients you’ll enjoy it.