Adding Value to Leaders and Influencers using Video

Sometimes the best thinking comes in unsual places with no one around. Employing 360 thinking methods and always looking for better and simpler results, Rick's brain is one of that never stops

Video Consulting to be specific:

We help high performers achieve business success using video without the common obstacles and frustration.

From a full blown TV commercial to improving your confidence on camera to Ads for Facebook and YouTube, video can help you and your business grow.

We work with you on telling your story, your message, and determine the best platforms and gear for success. 

The one big thing is incorporating the 10-20 little things that will make your videos better and get you seen as an authority.

We help you -“Shoot Better Video”  by working with you on the things that matter to grow your engagement and business.

Why would you want us involved with your projects?

Because you want results – You are results driven

I’ve done over 1000 national spots and 50+ Super Bowl commercials for every major brand from American Airlines to Mazda to Pepsi, AT&T, Got Milk in the early days, Yahoo’s introductory commercials, Outback Steak House, Fosters, McDonalds,  American Express with Jerry Seinfeld, Guinness, Oil of Olay and hundreds more.

Look if I didn’t get results these companies wouldn’t have kept calling me back over and over and over.

I didn’t just work with them once!!

I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and worked on film sets around the world. I’ve shot in 12 countries, 22 states, filmed a dozen movies, 13 HBO comedy specials, was the Prop-master and Graphic Designer at the Oxygen Network in Los Angeles, Nominated for an Emmy- but mostly I concentrated my skills on National Television Commercials.
I bring years of Hollywood and Marketing experience to people who understand that to stand out and get their message heard they need to incorporate video as a major messaging tactic/tool. 

People that want to be the Best –  Hire the Best

By choosing the right message along with the right setting and using the many tools available, any individual or company can compete on the same level as the brand name clients I work with.

You can hire me to be part of your team,

My knowledge and experience will get you or your client to the next level

Let me show you how you can Shoot Better Video and how you can provide a service to your clients incorporating video in strategic, simple and meaningful ways.
Let’s sit down and discuss your needs and your clients needs and see if I can be beneficial to either of you. 

           So Ask Yourself

  • Am I looking for a company who will sit down with me and strategize a video marketing plan to grow my business?
  • Am I  looking for someone who understands online marketing from content to context regarding video and story?
  • Am I looking for that someone who understand messaging, distribution and is easy to work with?
  • Or am I  looking for someone with the knowledge of multiple platforms including app development, social media marketing or using videos in interactive e-books to grow my business.

I would Love to speak to you about your business


A few other facts

1– I’ve had over 50 spots air on the Super Bowl and contributed to numerous Olympic, Academy award and MLB commercials
2–  Nominated for an Emmy
3– I have made it snow in the desert, rain in the ocean & perfected the cheese pull (pizza tech talk) 
4– With twenty years in the film business I worked with Hollywood’s A list of actors, athletes, directors and cinematographers. Knowing how high performance people think is my thing.
5– With an expert eye for design and the creative knowledge needed to collaborate with both production crews and agencies I was one of the most sought after Art Directors in the industry
6– I have the honor of knowing several of the commercials I helped create are in contemporary art museums permanent collections while dozens of others have won many Clios and other international awards
7– Created the stage sets for award winning comedy specials 

Lets talk about your business and if Video can help you up your game