Creating Animations

Animation encompasses many styles of video.I’ll briefly explain what each is below

Using animated video is a great way to not disturb your office or time in the recording of a live action video. Often the ideas are better conveyed through this type of video and these are easier to re-edit if something changes.

There are so many styles, knowing your audience will determine the best style for your business. 

Below are samples of commonly used Animations or Motion Graphics that we create for clients. 

Moving or Kinetic Text

Using text on videos is the perfect way to get your message across. 85% of people on social media and web sites watch video with the sound off. 

Using moving text adds interest as well as conveys the message. Just like people read VSL’s they will also read moving text in all forms. The beauty is you can add the moving text in many styles as well as over pictures, graphic images and video. This style give you a lot of leeway to personalize your branding with video. 


These can vary wildly in style and speed. Typically you want to explain something (often called Explainer Videos) or create an interesting video to capture someone’s attention. 

While these can take time to animate each element they also get shared and attract attention when done correctly. As with all videos the message is the most important part. Prepping all the elements for this style is what really takes time. It’s not uncommon to have 500 – 1000 elements in a finished video. Branding with fonts and color are also easy in this style.  

Scribe or Hand Drawn

While these may seem silly they still get attention after several years of being the “new thing”. 

For some psychological reason people love watching the scene unfold or be drawn right in front of them. These videos work great as short videos yet some of the most engaging ones can last up to 15 minutes. Initially to record these was a bit cumbersome and took a long time, now software has simplified the process.

VSL = Video Sales Letter

Basically a VSL is just text on the screen and usually a voiceover. These were created to get the viewer engaged in reading the words instead of passively looking at images and not really paying attention. Just try not to read along 🙂

Many marketers have had great success using this style of videos to sell everything from             Gym Memberships – Courses – Coaching and even Books. 

Want to talk about us animating something for you?