What does it take to create Super Bowl Commercials?

Super Bowl Video Series

Super Bowl Commercials are the Godfather of TV advertising. Why? The Super Bowl holds 18 of 19 top spots in the last 19 years for #1 show viewership. When Brands and advertisers are creating these campaigns they are looking to get the best angle they can for their product while in front of hundreds of millions of eyeballs.They hire the best talent they can, buy prime time and track the metrics on every level. Successful campaigns get a lift for weeks afterwards thanks to social proof.

You can capitalize on many of the same tactics and strategies these big brands use in your own marketing. Video marketing is part science and part art like all marketing. Working with someone who has walked down both sides of the isle, you will conquer your internet marketing video needs. 

So many stories, so little time. 

After 20 years in Hollywood you pick up a few filming tips and tricks

but also learn about Audience, Message and Engagement

If you want the same Ad strategies that a guy with over 50 Super Bowl Commercials uses for clients ........